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Look up the Honda Element hub diameter and ensure the wheel hub bore size is compatible with your car or truck. Just pick the right hub specs for Honda Element and select the hub bore diameter to see if the wheels fit seamlessly. The hub and wheel center bore must be the same size, otherwise use the hubcentric rings while installing the aftermarket rims.

Our calculator will also help you find the hub rings size to fit wheels with a larger hub bore diameter on Honda Element. You can find fitting hub-centric rings featured below.

Hub bore for 2003-2011

  • Hub Diameter: 64.1 mm (2.52 in) Use Center Caps
  • Wheel Center Bore: mm
  • Bolt Pattern: PCD 5x114.3 Wheel Adapters
Choose your Wheel Center Bore to find correct Hub Bore Rings
NB-AERO Aluminum Hub Centric Rings 66.1mm OD to 64.1mm ID (Pack of 4)

Hubbore: 64.1 mm

Wheel Hub Bore: 66.1 mm

Code: B07GD2SF2M

Type: Aluminum

Description: Hub-centric rings help to provide better stability and improved handling as well as reduce vibration caused by an improper fitment. Furthermore, it can reduce wear on various components such as bearings, axles, and tires, providing a longer lifespan for those parts.

NB-AERO Aluminum Hub Centric Rings 66.1mm (Wheel) to 64.1mm (Hub), 4 Pics

Hubbore: 64.1 mm

Wheel Hub Bore: 66.1 mm

Code: B07G83992D

Type: Aluminum

Description: Install hub-centric rings today and start experiencing the many benefits they have to offer! They are easy to install and provide superior performance and reliability for your vehicle. With hub-centric rings, you can be sure that your wheels will stay securely in place and offer a smooth, vibration-free driving experience!