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About Autofiles.com

We have started this project with one goal - to create the most informative and straightforward car information database. A feat like that is impossible to achieve immediately, so we have started with car parts charts covering all the specifications you may need for reference. It is arranged nicely to match cars by year, make and model. Our unique fitment data charts are here to grant you access to essential car information. So whenever you need to look up some measurements, you must set the filters.

Our achievements

Currently, we have created various size and type charts for all car bulbs and supplied the website with a handy tool to get the correct measurements for tires, wheels, acceleration, and quarter-mile times.

All of this is conveniently gathered in one place and constantly updated with the latest car models and information. We aim to provide our audience with everything they need to know about cars so that they can make well-informed decisions about their purchases regarding new car parts and accessories.

Our goals

We take pride in our work and do our best to maintain our technical specifications database clean, up to date, and verified. We are also constantly working on expanding our project to new horizons, so "stay tuned" for upcoming categories, including interior dimensions, engine library, towing and oil capacity specs, and so many more. After all, there is still so much more technical information to collect, check and arrange before we put it all into neat charts, diagrams, and interactive tools!

Our team is young and passionate about cars, so we will continue to do whatever it takes to keep this website running and provide you with high-quality car information. And will keep expanding it to create something one of a kind.