We are a small group of devoted car enthusiasts keen on vehicle customization and performance enhancements.

Our editors collect all sorts of car tech data and organize it carefully by make, model, trim, and year of production. Since we are working with tons of big data, your helpful feedback is very much appreciated if you notice any confusing facts or numbers. We are open to your suggestions. Keep in touch!

The most prominent sections of our website include:

  • 0-60 acceleration data
  • wheel sizing
  • tire sizing
  • car dimensions and specs
  • car customization tips

We have managed to collect a massive database of 0-60 times for all cars, from slow to super-fast. You can compare car rivals by acceleration dynamics. If you love custom cars and want to upgrade from stock, then you should definitely visit our section dedicated to car mods.

We provide insights into the world of vehicles’ customization like upsizing, lifting, chipping, etc. For example, our readers can find answers whether the specific size of wheels or rims will fit your ride or not. You can even check out the real-life examples with pics from fellow tuners.

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Autotk.com has grown into an established automotive website over the past 5 years.

Key facts and stats:

  • Autotk.com was established in 2014.
  • 100K car enthusiasts land on our website each month.
  • 82% of people from search engines by motivated automotive queries.
  • 88% of people come from the North American region.
  • Male visitors comprise 90% share
  • 20% of visitors are returning each month.
  • Our visitors are mostly searching for technical car specs
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