Buick Encore Replacement Bulbs Chart

High beam, low beam, fog lights, DRLs...There are so many variants of headlight bulbs, they can make your head spin!

That is why our team has created these charts with Buick Encore headlight bulb sizes to make your search for the right headlamp much easier!

Find the year of manufacture of your Buick Encore to see what lamp type (halogen, LED, HID or Xenon) fits the headlight lamps of your vehicle.

Brake lights, DRLs, side markers, tail lights, dome lights, and other auxiliary lights may require different part numbers and need to have the proper technical characteristics - size, type, voltage, wattage, and color temperature.

By knowing the Buick Encore headlight bulb size and type it would be easier to replace!

Model positions:

High Beam - 9005 (1988 - 2022)

Philips Automotive Lighting 9005 VisionPlus Upgraded Headlight

Size: 9005

Type: Halogen

Voltage: 12V

Wattage: 65W

Color Temperature: 3400K

HELLA 9005 Twin Blister High Wattage Bulbs

Size: 9005

Type: Halogen

Voltage: 12-24V

Wattage: 100W

Color Temperature: 3200K

Trunk Area - 194 (1989 - 1991, 1993, 1998 - 2022)

KATUR 194 T10 W5W LED Light Bulb

Size: 194

Type: LED

Voltage: 12-24V

Wattage: 3W

Color Temperature: 6000K