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Scion wheels

Choosing the right set of wheels for your Scion vehicle is one of the most dramatic changes you can make to your ride. And that is when you might have this tingly feeling in your stomach. Basically, there are two major ways. You can give up Scion factory wheels and install custom rollers or simply make a replacement with the same rim size. Anyway, choosing the right set of wheels for Scion might be tough if you actually not sure what you are looking for.

There are several considerations when choosing the right wheels for Scion vehicles. First of all, it is important to make sure that you have the right bolt pattern, width and backspacing for your particular Scion model so that your wheels do not stick too far off the fenders or get too close to the frame. The last thing you want is for your tires to rub during normal driving. And finally, you have to check up for the right diameter so that it is not too small or too big.

We have accumulated a huge catalog of Scion wheels with bolt patterns and offsets fitting particular models. To make your wheel shopping experience easier, simply choose the model and year of your Scion vehicle to narrow down the correct wheel sizes.


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  • Scion FR-S wheels

    • Stock rim width 17x7 – 19x8
    • Offset range 33 – 45
    • Custom rim width 16x6 – 20x10
    • Offset range 14 – 53
  • Scion iQ wheels

    • Stock rim width 16x6 – 17x7
    • Offset range 42 – 45
  • Scion tC wheels

    • Stock rim width 17x7 – 20x8
    • Offset range 34 – 48
    • Custom rim width 16x7 – 19x10
    • Offset range 3 – 45
  • Scion xB wheels

    • Stock rim width 15x6 – 20x8
    • Offset range 20 – 45
    • Custom rim width 15x7 – 20x9
    • Offset range -19 – 45
  • Scion xD wheels

    • Stock rim width 16x6 – 20x8
    • Offset range 34 – 45
    • Custom rim width 17x8 – 19x8
    • Offset 45
  • Scion xA wheels

    • Stock rim width 15x6 – 18x7
    • Offset range 34 – 42
    • Custom rim width 16x8 – 18x8
    • Offset 20
  • Scion iM wheels

    • Stock rim width 17x8 – 17
    • Offset 20
  • Scion iA wheels

    • Stock rim width 14x5 – 18x7
    • Offset range 35 – 48

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