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As wheels and tires have gotten larger, brake calipers have become more visible and styling them has become an important component for many Mustang enthusiasts who are going for an overall look or color palette. The brake caliper has an important job. It squeezes the brake pads against the rotor, which allows your Mustang to slow down or stop. The more speed you’re capable of, the more essential the ability to stop with relatively little effort over a short stretch becomes.

There are major differences in different types of brake calipers, and performance calipers, like Wilwoods or Brembos, come with a substantial number of benefits. They also offer an appearance upgrade. Brembo has become famous for the bright red flash of caliper that distinguishes some of the more performance-oriented Mustang packages.

Though performance brakes are incredible and offer substantial benefits, the base Mustang actually has very good calipers from the start. As a result, a lot of enthusiasts don’t need to upgrade to performance calipers but do want a change from the matte grey finish of the stock calipers. Even if you have a set of performance brakes, you may dislike the fact that though you have beautiful red calipers on your front wheels, your back pair lack the same flashiness.

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