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2008 Mazda MX-5 Volk TE37 15x9.0

photo 1 Mazda  MX-5 Wheels Volk  TE37  15x9.0, ET , tire size / R15. x ET

Custom wheels & tires for Mazda MX-5

Front & rear rim size


Rims brand

Volk TE37

Details of modified 2008 Mazda MX-5

5.4kg.... so 11.9lbs
edit: forgot to add price....... MSRP 603$......... EACH. But I sure as hell didn't pay retail.


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2008 Mazda MX-5 15x6.5 0

2008 Mazda MX-5 specs

0-60 times 6.9 - 7.4 sec
Dimensions ...
Wheels 16x6.5 – 19x8.0
Tire size 205/50 R16 ...
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