2011 GMC Yukon XD 825 20x9.0

photo 1 GMC Yukon XD 825 20x9.0 photo 2 GMC Yukon XD 825 20x9.0

Custom wheels & tires for GMC Yukon

Front & rear rim size


Front & rear tire size

LT 315/50 R20

Rims brand

XD 825

Wheel weight To be added soon
Tire brand

Rolling Big Power Repulser

Details of modified 2011 GMC Yukon

This GMC Yukon Owner wanted Offroad wheels with an aggressive Mud Tire so we went with 20" XD Wheels XD825 Buck in a gloss black Milled accent finish. Rims and tire set up is 20x9 wrapped with 33x12.5x20 Rolling Big Power Tires Repulser MT Tires, with a AMS Suspension (Lift Kit) Leveling Kit.


photo 3 GMC Yukon XD 825 20x9.0 photo 4 GMC Yukon XD 825 20x9.0

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2011 GMC Yukon specs

0-60 times 6.4 - 8.5 sec
Horsepower 320 - 403 hp
Dimensions ...
Wheels 16x7.0 – 26x10.5
Tire size 265/70 R17 ...
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