2014 Ford Fusion Team Dynamics Jade R 18x8.5

photo 1 Ford Fusion Team Dynamics Jade R 18x8.5

Custom wheels & tires for Ford Fusion

Front & rear rim size


Front & rear rim offset


Front & rear tire size

P 245/40 R18

Wheel backspacing (testing)


Rims brand

Team Dynamics Jade R

Wheel weight To be added soon
Tire brand

Michelin Pilot Super Sport

Details of modified 2014 Ford Fusion

Lowered on Steeda springs.

gloss anthracite 5x108/(has a stock weight of 23.14lbs.)


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2014 Ford Fusion specs

0-60 times 6.8 - 8.5 sec
Dimensions ...
Wheels 16x6.5 – 20x8.5
Tire size 215/60 R16 ...
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