2013 Ford Flex 22x9.5

photo 1 Ford Flex custom wheels   22x9.5, ET , tire size 265/35 R22. x ET photo 2 Ford Flex custom wheels   22x9.5, ET , tire size 265/35 R22. x ET

Custom wheels & tires for Ford Flex

Front & rear rim size


Front & rear tire size

P 265/35 R22


Details of modified 2013 Ford Flex

My Uncle told me he had some 22" rims with tires that has been sitting in his shop for about a year. They didn't fit his truck so he just put them aside and kind of forgot about them over time. So he said I could pretty much have them if they fit. So I went to his shop to take a look. And what do you know they fit. They are DIP rims 22x9.5, tires are 265/35 R22, stock ride height. I don't know much about rims so i don't know anything about that brand, but I think they look pretty good.

I do have one question though. After putting on the rims and driving for a little while, my fuel gage has been way off. Even went from 77 miles to empty to 0. When I filled up I still had about 7 gallons left in the tank. Is this something that is normal since the size of the rims and tires increased?


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2013 Ford Flex specs

0-60 times 5.7 - 7.1 sec
Dimensions ...
Wheels 17x7.5 – 22x10.0
Tire size 235/60 R17 ...
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