Car owners have used to the fact that filling in the vehicle’s tank is always draining our wallet. Many of us resist the idea of driving in the fuel economy mode considering it to be a petty cash compared to the overall price tag of the refill. But what if you could cut off gas expenses by up to 20 percent? Just think of it from the perspective of spending extra money elsewhere.

There are lots of things influencing the gas consumption but the most important tips fall into three main factors related to driving style, maintenance of the vehicle and weight. In case you follow up at least half of the tips from our guide, you will be able to improve gas mileage by 15%.

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10 Best Fuel Economy Vehicles

Slow down

The big bang for fuel economy is the right foot in the way you drive. Aggressive driving can reduce fuel economy by up to 30 percent. So it makes sense to ease up. Consider leaving your attitude at home and drive gently.

Of course, speedy drivers will definitely not like this tip but steady acceleration from a full stop will use the fuel more efficiently than quick starts.

Engine temperature

Also, make sure your engine runs hot enough. The colder your engine is the less your fuel economy will be. Get the thermostat checked on the regular basis and even replaced every two-three years. Another thing you want to consider is the oxygen sensors and some other sensors under the hood. If they are getting lazy, replace them to get better fuel economy.

Lighten your Load

The more weight your car carries in the trunk the lower its fuel economy will be. So just go over the stuff in your trunk to make sure you have offloaded all the ballast.

Properly inflated tires

Keep the tires properly inflated. It means sticking to the factory pressure recommendations. The problem is under-inflated tires create more resistance on the road which decreases gas mileage. Since tires heat up as you drive you should check the tire pressure on the regular basis and adjust it to the norm if need be. The best time to measure the tire pressure is when the vehicle has been idle for a couple of hours. Also, check the wheel alignment periodically. Not only misalignment increases the resistance to reduce fuel efficiency, it also causes additional wear on tires.

Select the right oil for your engine

Using the correct oil is important because higher viscosity creates the greater resistance to the moving parts of the engine and consequently requires more gas. Check your manual or ask a professional to find out which oil is right for your auto. Changing your oil every 3000 to 5000 miles not only is a good maintenance policy but also increases fuel efficiency.

Cool off wisely

Rolling your windows down may be a good idea in the slow speed traffic but at faster highways open windows actually increase the drag coefficient and hurt fuel economy.

Buy a fuel-efficient vehicle

These vehicles are easy on gas from the day when you buy it. In case you are in the market for a new auto, consider the hybrid or fuel-efficient cars. Hybrid cars provide high MPG economy while especially electric vehicles are not dependent on gas prices at all though their price tags are a bit constrain for many people. Speaking of traditional oil-burning cars, you might also want to turn your sights to the turbocharged engines providing high fuel economy with impressive horsepower rates. But keep in mind, that all cars have different mileage in the city and on the highway. City traffic forces us for many stops and starts so MPG in the city is always higher than on the long trips on the highway. In relation to this, you may find separate ratings for the cars with the best city, highway, and combined gas mileage. Passenger cars are split into several classes so we also provide gas mileage comparison charts by sedans, SUVs, trucks, hatchback, minivan, etc.

Now that you know the most actionable tip for fuel economy, it is important to put them into practice and compare the numbers before and after applying them. You can measure gas consumption with the help of fuel economy gauge and monitor the MPG in a special app installed on your mobile device.

Fuel economy calculator

Planning a trip with your family or friends and want to how much it will cost you. We have learned to predict the provisional cost of a trip based on the fuel economy database of the vehicles. Just specify the car you are driving and your destination point to calculate the combined MPG and gas cost for the trip.

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