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2013 RAM 1500 dimensions

People usually search for car length, width and height when they are curious to know if the vehicle fits into their garage. These basic exterior dimensions also cross our mind when we have concerns about parking space in the yard.

Shorter wheelbase delivers a greater maneuverability which is handy while drifting around the city with its curvy and narrow streets. With longer wheelbase, on the other hand, your car gains in stability but at the same time you should be cautious while driving over the bumps.

2013 RAM 1500 exterior dimensions

Overall Length 209 - 237.9"
Overall Body Width 79.4"
Overall Body Height 74.4 - 78.4"
Wheelbase 120 - 149"
Turning Radius 19.7 - 24 ft.
Ground Clearance 9 - 9.9"
Drag coefficient (Cd) 0.36 - 0.42
Front Track 68 - 68.6"
Rear Track 67.5 - 68"
Weight 4525 - 5745 lbs.

Front and Rear Track of a 2013 RAM 1500
The track dimension may affect the driving experience, as a wider distance between the centers of the wheels on the same axle reinforces the vehicle’s stability while speeding into curvy turns on a highway.

Turning radius of a 2013 RAM 1500
The turning radius gives you an idea of the smallest circle your car virtually draws on the road while making a U-turn. It is a certain indicator of the vehicle’s maneuverability.

Ground clearance of a 2013 RAM 1500
The ground clearance measures the space between an even surface and the lowest point on the car’s underside. The clearance value, also called the ride height, is taken on standard tires.

Drag coefficient of a 2013 RAM 1500
The drag coefficient describes the vehicle’s aerodynamic characteristics measuring the level of airflow resistance in motion. Body styling is very responsible for the drag coefficient with sedans usually boasting of values above 0.30 and SUVs have a bit worse result due to boxy designs.

2013 RAM 1500 interior dimensions

Head Room - Front 40.3 - 41"
Head Room - Rear 39.7 - 39.9"
Hip Room - Front 62.9 - 63.2"
Hip Room - Rear 62.9 - 63.2"
Leg Room - Front 41"
Leg Room - Rear 34.7 - 40.3"
Shoulder Room - Front 66"
Shoulder Room - Rear 65.7"

Interior dimensions.

Tall drivers certainly need to carefully check out car interior dimensions to derive pleasure from driving a 2013 RAM 1500, as lack of head room leads to unnatural positioning in the seat. Enough shoulder room keeps the driver and his passenger from elbowing each other. The hip room roughly determines the width of the seats and the leg room measurement signals about the comfort for your legs. All these interior dimensions are calculated separately for the front, rear and the third row of seats and make up the passenger volume.

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2013 RAM 1500 specs

0-60 times 6.1 - 7.9 sec
Dimensions ...
Wheels 17x7.0 – 22x12.0
Tire size 265/70 R17 ...
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