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H11 bulb


Which Group (1, 2 or 3) it belongs to

The H11 bulb belongs to Group 1 as classified by the UN Regulation 37.

Where it can be used as a replacement part (headlights, fog lights, parking lights, etc)

Being a Group 1 bulb, the H11 bulb can be used for all sorts of automotive lighting applications. It can be used to replace bulbs in parking lights, headlights, signal lights, side lights, etc.

What technologies (Halogen, LED, or HID Xenon) this light utilizes

Most of the H11 bulbs in use today are halogen bulbs. However, there are LED options available on the market.

Is it single or dual beam lamp? How many filaments are there (one or two)?

The H11 bulb is a single beam bulb. It comes with a single filament that produces either a low or high beam.

Is it used in projector or reflector headlights?

H11 bulbs are mainly used in projector headlight housings.

What is the usual life span (1, 2 or more years)?

A typical halogen H11 bulb will last between 450 and 1,000 hours of use. This largely depends on how well the bulb is taken care of.

How its name is deciphered

The word ‘H11’ is used to distinguish the size and type of the bulb.

What base it uses

The H11 bulb has a PGJ19-1 base.

Bulb specs (wattage, volts, lumens, kelvins)

A typical H11 bulb produces 35 watts at 12 volts. Its luminous flux is rated at 800 lumens ± 15%.

Some hints for upgrading the lights with this bulb type

  1. Use an online car bulb finder to determine what type of bulb fits your car. If this is not possible, check your vehicle manual for the bulb details.
  2. Always confirm that your replacement bulbs do not have too high a voltage. This prevents them from damaging the headlight housing and causing overheating.

Best H11 Headlights Bulb

We have a list of light bulbs from different brands which we have tested and ranked according to their performance. The list contains the brightest and best performing bulbs that you can use to upgrade your existing setups.

Best H11 Fog Lights

The above-mentioned chart is a great resource that you can use to pick the right bulb for your car. For fog lights, pick options with 35 watts and below while for headlights, pick bulbs that produce 55 watts or higher.

Best Brands for H11 Bulb


Sylvania lights blend performance, style and safety into one product to ensure that drivers and car owners get the very best. Products are built to offer heat management systems, bright light, and long-lasting services. Lighting options are also available in a wide variety of colors.


Since its inception in 1891, Philips has been at the forefront in providing the best lighting solutions for the automotive industry. The company is currently a multinational conglomerate that boasts of products that span different industries. It was once ranked as the largest electronic manufacturer in the world with branches in over 100 countries. 


At Auxbeam, high emphases are placed on high standards, high quality products and high grades of safety when it comes to providing lighting solutions for the automotive industry. The company strictly manages and controls every aspect related to the quality of its products. It also prides itself in giving the best customer experience as it makes sure all problems are addressed and solved.


All Cougar products are inspected and guaranteed to be of high quality. The quality assurance department works extra hard to ensure that all lighting solutions work as required and offer value to all consumers. The company’s extensive knowledge and willingness to apply it has made it one of the leading automotive parts manufacturers.


Sealight is consumer- and market-focused brand that has been at the lead of LED manufacturing. The name Sealight represents the company’s mission of bringing comfort and warmth to its consumers across the world, just like the sea and light from a morning sky. This is done through convenient, innovative and high-quality lighting products.


Beamtech offers bulbs and lighting kits that are designed to offer exemplary style to your vehicle. The bulbs are built to be durable and long-lasting and to offer high-quality light that ensures drivers drive safe on the road. This makes the brand a favorite among many globally.


Hella is a company that has been in existence for over 100 years. This means that it has extensive knowledge in the lighting industry. Products offered are well-built and use the latest lighting technology that matches the modern changes that are taking place in the automotive space.

General Electric

GE’s lighting solutions are some of the most sort-after in the automotive industry today. This is because they offer the right kind of brightness, quality, and innovation. The company has remained at the top of lighting innovations for years and continues to do so till date. Products sold are easy to install, maintain and use.


H11 Bulb Cross Reference

The H11 bulb can be cross referenced with the H9, H11 or H16. This is because sockets for all three are similar.

H11 Installation: How to Remove H11 Bulb

Step 1: Park your car and open the hood.

Step 2: Pull out your headlight connectpr.

Step 3: Remove the existing H11 bulb from its socket.

Step 4: Replace it with a new H11 bulb of similar size.

Step 5: Replace any wiring or cover that you may have removed.

Step 6: Test to see if the new H11 bulb works.


H11 Tips

  1. Always familiarize yourself with the local laws of your country before installing any aftermarket lights.
  2. Avoid using bulbs that have too much power for your headlights. This increases safety for oncoming drivers and prevents any visibility issues on their side.

H11 Bulb Fits What Car?

To find out if a certain bulb matches your car, select the type of car you’d like to make replacement on from the drop-down menu. This should give you a list of bulbs that are a perfect match for your vehicle model.

Q&A Section

Are H11 and H8 bulbs the same?

H11 and H11 bulbs are about 98% similar. A H8 bulb will fit in a H11 bulb housing. However, it might need a bit of tweaking or effort to make it fit.

Is H11 bulb same as 9006?

The only similarity between H11 and 9006 bulbs is that they are both single beam bulbs. This means that each lamp contains one bulb for either the high- or the low-beam lamp.

Are H11 and H9 bulbs the same?

The H11 and H9 share a mounting base with a slight difference in the harness “key”. Unlike H11 bulbs, H9 bulbs do not use a light filter.