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9005 bulb

9005 LED light bulbs can replace forward lighting bulbs and daytime running lights for your cars, trucks, SUVs, etc. You can use either halogen, hid or led bulbs. 9005 bulb is typically a 12.8-volt lamp that utilizes a tungsten filament and pressurized gas inside the envelope of the bulb to produce light. There are two different types of 9005 LED lights – those designed as direct replacements for factory bulbs and those intended as upgrades for standard halogen units.

You can find 9005 LED lights in numerous colors, but you'll use them to replace your car or truck's headlights. 9005 LED bulb has two filaments inside the glass envelope – one for high beam and another for low beam. When buying 9005 led bulbs , make sure that they are of highest quality and they are street legal. For example, the Sylvania 9005 LED bulbs have been DOT approved and their outer casing has a bright white appearance to provide you with a whiter light when driving at night.

What technologies (Halogen, LED, or HID Xenon) this light bulb utilizes

9005 bulbs are available in halogen, LED and HID Xenon technologies. These provide arying amounts of light depending on the bulb picked.

Is it single or dual beam lamp? How many filaments are there (one or two)?

The 9005 bulb is used in single beam lamps. It has one filament.

Is it used in projector or reflector headlights?

9005 bulbs are used in both projector and reflector headlights.

What is the usual life span?

A typical 9005 bulb has a lifespan of about 775 hours of use.

How its name is deciphered

The name 9005 is used to distinguish the bulb due to its physical size and design.

What base it uses

9005 bulbs use a PY20d base.

Bulb specs (wattage, volts, lumens, kelvins)

At 12 volts, the 9005 bulb produces 42 watts. Its ECE-approved luminous flux is rated at 850 lumens ± 15%.

Some hints for upgrading the lights with this bulb type

  1. When upgrading to a 9005 bulb, avoid adjusting bulb angles too much as this can affect driving safety. Proper headlight adjustment is essential for both your car and oncoming traffic.
  2. When adjusting bulb angles, be careful as bad adjustments can create cut-off lines and are blurry and create unfocused light beams.

Best 9005 Headlights Bulb

We selected, tested and ranked the best Halogen, HID and LED lamps. These can be viewed through the list provided. If your vehicle has a projector housing, you can pick any of the lamp types listed. However, if your vehicle uses a reflector housing, avoid picking Xenon bulbs because they dazzle.

Best 9005 Fog Lights

As you make use of the list in the above-mentioned chart, pick bulbs that produce 35 watts or less for your fog lights. You can choose those with 55 watts and above for your headlights.

Best Brands for 9005 Bulb


Sylvania is a multinational electronics company that originates from Canada. It has its headquarters in Ontario, Canada and is owned by Feilo Sylvania and Osram Sylvania in different parts of the world. The two provide licenses to other companies that sell its lighting products in other parts of the world.


Philips is a multinational conglomerate that boasts of more than 74,000 employees who work in branches spread across more than 100 countries. The company obtained a royal honorary title in 1998 and dropped its “Electronics” name in 2013 to divert efforts to healthcare technology. Its lighting division operates as a separate company.


Auxbeam prides itself in providing high quality products for the automotive industry that are highly dependable. This done at an affordable yet competitive price. One of the company’s goals is to continuously add new products to its existing line so as to serve growing customer needs.


Cougar has maintained its level of excellence in delivering high quality products since establishment in 2006. The company provides high-end aftermarket automotive lighting products to a wide market globally. It boasts of a strict and efficient quality assurance department that ensures all products sold are of the right quality.


Sealight’s vision as a company is to grow into a world-class lighting brand that puts its customers’ needs at heart. It prioritizes quality and ensuring that what consumers need is delivered. It is also industry-driven and has led in providing new solutions within the industry.


Beamtech’s lighting products are among the few within the automotive industry that boasts of near perfect cut-off. They are normally the best option for those looking for easy and quick installations. They also produce much more light than standard halogen products.


Hella is a family-owned multinational company that boasts of over 39,000 employees spread across more than 35 countries. It’s a leader in the aftermarket, electronics and lighting markets. Over the years, it has always assumed great responsibility for its employees, society and the environment.

General Electric

General Electric is one of the largest Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. This is thanks to its achievements and efforts in providing products that span across multiple industries including renewable energy, automotive, healthcare, power, and many more. The company has had two of its employees win a Nobel Prize in the past.

9005 Bulb Cross Reference

The 9005 bulb can be interchanged with the 9140 and 9145 bulbs. A 9005 bulb will also fit in a 9005 socket with a bit of modification.

9005 Installation: How to Remove 9005 Bulb

Step 1: Locate your car’s headlight assembly. You’ll be able to locate the headlight bulb through the engine compartment.

Step 2: Detach all the wires that send power to the bulb.

Step 3: Remove the existing bulb.

Step 4: Clean the new bulb with a cloth damped with alcohol and install it.

Step 5: Screw everything back together and test your bulbs to see if they work.  

9005 Tips

  1. Always change your headlights in pairs. This helps to maintain consistency and ensure that you do not disorient oncoming traffic with dim lights.
  2. Always check your lights every time you clean your car. Remember to clean any that may have dimmed over time due to dirt.

9005 Bulb Fits What Car?

Finding a 9005 bulb that perfectly matches your car shouldn’t be hard. We have a wide selection of bulbs that can be gotten from our drop-down menu. Simply choose your car model to identify specific bulbs that are right for your car.

Q&A Section

Is 9005 and 9145 the same bulb?

Yes. The 9005 bulb is the same as 9005, 9140, 9145, and 9155. All of these feature a single filament and use a PY20D socket. Their power outputs are also close.

Can I use H11 instead of 9005?

You can use a H11 bulb instead of 9005 with the help of a socket converter/extension. This helps to extend your wires down to your new bulb without having to rewire or splice the assembly.

What vehicles use 9005 bulbs?

9005 bulbs fit lighting units for vans, cars, SUV’s and trucks. Their applications include headlights, fog lights, and other automotive lighting uses.