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9003 bulb

Which group (1, 2 or 3) it belongs to

The 9003 bulb belongs to Group 1. It can be put to use for any lighting purpose.

Where it can be used as a replacement part

In most cases, you can use the 9003 bulb to replace any of your lights that have burnt out. This includes headlights, signal lights, parking lights, fog lights, etc.

What technologies (Halogen, LED, or HID Xenon) this bulb utilizes

Most 9003s are halogen bulbs. You can, however, get LEDs and other advanced technologies.

Is it single or dual beam lamp? How many filaments are there (one or two)

9003 bulbs are single beam lamps. Each unit comes with two filaments to provide the right beam that your car requires.

Is it used in projector or reflector headlights?

9003 bulbs are a great option for projector headlights. They also offer a great opportunity to be used in reflector headlights. They function best as low beam headlights in single reflectors.

What is the usual life span

Like other halogen bulbs, 9003 bulbs can provide service for up to 2 years or 1,000 hours of use.

How its name is deciphered

The word ‘9003’ is used to distinguish the size and type of the bulb.

What base it uses

9003 bulbs use a P43T base.

Bulb specs (wattage, volts, lumens, kelvins)

At 6 volts and 12 volts, 9003s produce 55 or 60 watts, depending on the filament. Higher options with 24 bolts produce 70 or 75 watts.

Some hints for upgrading the lights with this bulb type

One of the best halogen 9003 replacements are HID headlights. Before reconnecting the wiring setup on your headlight assembly, it’s advised that you first remove and reinstall the bulb into the assembly.

The process is easy and requires no ballast or special wiring. The same applies even when installing performance headlight bulbs.

Best 9003 Headlight Bulb

We picked some of the best Halogen, HID, and LED lamps available on the market today and carried out tests. We then ranked them according to their performance. The brightest and best options topped the list. If you have a projector housing, you can use any of the types listed. However, if you have a reflector housing, you can use all but Xenon bulbs because they dazzle.

Best 9003 Fog Lights

Picking from the above-mentioned chart is an easy process. For your headlights, you can go for options with 55 watts and above. You’ll need to downgrade for fog lights and opt for bulbs with less powerful power such as those that offer 35 watts.

Best Brands for 9003 Bulb


Sylvania is a company that produces lighting products for several applications. These include industrial, medical, automotive aftermarket, original equipment manufacturer markets, smart cities and buildings and for entertainment purposes. In the U.S., automotive products are manufactured by OSRAM and sold under the Sylvania brand.


Philips was established in 1891 by Frederik Philips and his son, Gerard Philips. The company started out with an empty factory establishment in Eidhoven. This was where it produces its first electro-technical products and carbon-filament lamps.


Auxbeam produces all types of outdoor auto spare parts that are specially designed to meet the varying needs of the market. In addition to LED lights, it also offers a wide range of products, including racks and carriers and other auto parts and accessories. The company is currently an affordable option for most buyers across the world.


One of the materials that Cougar Motor uses in its manufacturing process is aluminum. This allows the company to create durable bulbs that can last up to 50,000 hours of usage and beyond. Most products produced are said to be plug-and-play, meaning they work immediately they are installed.


Halogen bulbs from Sealight are designed to fit directly into most of headlight housings found in vehicles. Buyers do not need to modify any of the parts. As for performance, Sealight bulbs offers high light output and focus that allows drives to see far and wide.


Beamtech bulbs provide up to 30,000 hours of continuous use and better light output when compared to other options on the market today. This is despite some of the company’s products producing as little as 25 watts of power. Bulbs are also built to be highly safe since they cause no electromagnetic radiation, circuit interference or high voltage.


Hella is a company that boasts of a deep understanding of the lighting needs of the automotive industry. It provides sound lighting products that deliver the much-needed light for driving. The company also adheres to all legal regulations set by regulators and keeps up with technological innovations.

General Electric

One of the things that make General Electric a great manufacturer of automotive lighting solutions is its dedicated team of knowledgeable and competent workers. The company currently boasts of a broad portfolio which includes the latest lighting technologies. These can be accessed through its wide network of distributors.


9003 Bulb Cross Reference

In some cases, the 9003 bulb can be interchanged with the H4 bulb. However, this may be restricted in some places where the law restricts usage to only one of the bulbs.

9003 Installation: How to remove 9003 bulb

Step 1: Locate the headlight housing and remove all the electrical connections from the back of the bulb.

Step 2: Remove any protective casings or rubber enclosures.

Step 3: Remove the old bulb and install a new 9003 bulb. Make sure the bulb screws in properly.

Step 4: Reconnect all the wires back.

Step 5: Replace any protective cover or enclosure.

Step 5: Turn the vehicle on and test the bulb to see if they are working.

9003 Tips

  1. 9003 bulbs come with 3 pins that are adequately separated. While installing a new bulb, be careful not to force anything as a wrong move could easily put the bulb in the wrong place or damage it.
  2. Always remove your bulb from the socket without touching the glass part. The moisture and oils from your fingers could easily damage the light bulb.

9003 Bulb Fits What Car?

The 9003 bulb is compatible with most popular vehicle models that are sold on the market today. To find out if a bulb matches your car, select your car model from the drop-down menu. This should tell you if there is a match or not.

Q&A Section

What vehicles use 9003 bulbs?

9003 bulbs are compatible with Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Infiniti, Honda, Toyota, and other popular models that are available on the market today.

What does 9003 bulb fit?

9003 bulbs come with two filaments. This allows them to be used either as a low- or high-beam light. Options within the market produce different colors, including white, violet, yellow and blue.

What is the difference between 9003 and H7 bulbs?

The 9003 and H7 bulbs have different fittings. The 9003 has two filaments while the H7 has a single filament.