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2019 FIAT 500e 0-60 times, all trims

Trim, HP, Engine, Transmission0-60 times1/4 mile times

2018 FIAT 500e 0-60 times, all trims

Trim, HP, Engine, Transmission0-60 times1/4 mile times

2017 FIAT 500e 0-60 times, all trims

Trim, HP, Engine, Transmission0-60 times1/4 mile times
Battery Electric 2dr Hatchback,111 hp

8.8 sec

16.8 @ 80 mph

FIAT 500e 0-60 mph acceleration across years

Year of a Model0-60 times1/4 mile times

8.8 sec

16.8 @ 80 mph

8.8 sec

16.7 @ 0 mph

8.8 sec

16.7 @ 0 mph

8.7 sec

16.5 @ 0 mph

8.8 sec

16.7 @ 0 mph

The Fiat 500e is the electric version of the 500 hatchback. In addition to packing a battery and electrical system, Fiat has managed to add value to the model. This and other improvements make the 500e pricier than the standard 500. For instance, much of what is available as an option in the regular 500 comes as standard in the electric-powered 500e. The prices are, however, not that far apart. State, local and federal tax incentives ensure that consumers get a good price for the 500e.

The model does, however, come with a major drawback. The cargo and rear seat spaces have been greatly reduced due to the battery and electrical systems fitted in the 500e. In addition, buying one will require you to be in California as the automaker has not announced any plans of selling the EV outside the state. It is an appealing option, nevertheless.

Like every other EV, the takeoff in the Fiat 500e is smooth and effortless. The car’s electric motor churns about 111 horsepower channeled through a single-speed transmission. The top speed doesn’t go higher than 88 mph. For longer periods, drivers are advised to drive below the limit as traveling at top speed often cuts on battery range in electric cars.

The Fiat 500e comes with a 24-kWh battery that allows driving of up to 84 miles continuously. In urban-only errands, the range could be higher.

The 500e weighs over 500 pounds more than the standard 500. This makes it stand lower and just above the wheels. The weight is, however, distributed in the right places making the vehicle more fun to drive.

Like most EVs, the 500e doesn’t come with the noisy 500 Abarth exhaust system. It also offers a better ride thanks to its 15-inchers that have better damping and more sidewall.

Fiat sticks with its “Cinquecento” slogan in the 500e – an upright look and a small footprint. On the outside, the small city car retains its signature small grille and button headlights that remind buyers of the Italian cars built in post-war Italy.

With a budget-friendly car comes a not-so-interesting interior. The fun spirit is, however, retained. Materials used are simple and the dash is body-colored to maintain its visual appeal to consumers.

Key differences between the Base model and the EV are seen in the rear seat leg room. The 500e has 4-inches less worth of leg room. The cargo space is about 7.0 cubic feet – over 2 inches less than that found in the Standard 500.

The 500e is available for purchase only in Oregon and California. As long as you don’t need to go anywhere farther than the city, the 500e is a good car. It’s tiny and features an EPA range of 84 miles. Its handling is zippy and offers a quieter and smoother ride than the gasoline-driven 500. On the downside, the cabin is quite cramped and one has to position themselves awkwardly in order to drive. The rear seat is made for short people traveling short distances. The car also gets from 0 to 60 mph in 8.4 seconds.

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