2010 Nissan Maxima aftermarket wheels

photo 1 Nissan Maxima custom wheels   20x9.5, ET , tire size / R20. x ET

Custom wheels & tires for Nissan Maxima

Front & rear rim size


2010 Nissan Maxima stock weight 3540-3565 lbs.

Details of modified 2010 Nissan Maxima

The a35 max idealy need a wider and /or lower offet in the front than the usual staggered sets that are out there. The front has a lotta room due to the fender flare wide body characteristics of the maxima body style.

and this is why my set is 20x9.5 all around, this was a calculated choice to "even up" the proper fitment for a "non obtrusive, non modification" fitment. This allows u to keep true to the "front wheel drive non staggered" theme, all the while allowing you to rotate your tires-wheels. 

so in a sense , this is not a staggered fitment. This is a "Double Staggered" fitment. There is the standard front wheel drive fitment, the staggered fitment, and then there's the Double Staggered fitment


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2011 Nissan Maxima 19x

2010 Nissan Maxima specs

0-60 times 5.8 sec
Horsepower 290 hp
Dimensions ...
Wheels 18x7.5 – 22x9.0
Tire size 245/45 R18 ...
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