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The official EPA Chevrolet C1500 gas mileage estimates were measured in the conditions close to ideal so you can come up with different mpg range depending on the personal driving habits and road conditions. But one thing cannot be denied. If you are in the market for the most fuel-efficient Chevrolet C1500 model, you can turn your sights to the turbocharged engine.

What is Chevrolet C1500 gas mileage? Obviously, you need to specify the year of production in the first place as Chevrolet C1500 fuel economy gets better almost every year.

The truth is all trims in Chevrolet C1500 lineup may return slightly different mpg results depending on the engine’s capacity, transmission type and tank size. If you are considering mpg estimates as one of the primary buying options, scroll down for Chevrolet C1500 gas mileage competitors.

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1999 Chevrolet C1500 mpg by trims City MPG, Highway MPG Fuel Tank Capacity Distance
LS 4x2 Extended Cab 6.5 ft. box 15 city / 19 hwy 25.00 gal. 475 miles

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